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Ensuring your luxury watch operates flawlessly and maintains its sophisticated allure requires regular servicing. Our expertise, recognized by leading luxury brands, provides top-tier maintenance essential for your watch’s longevity and preservation. Trust in our exceptional service to keep your prized possession in impeccable condition.

Our watch repair services in Geneva cover everything from preventative maintenance to full restoration. We recognize that each luxury watch represents a significant investment and holds immense personal value. Therefore, we offer tailored services to meet every requirement: polishing to restore brilliance, precise mechanism adjustments for flawless accuracy, and refurbishment of key components such as the dial, hands, and strap to ensure a perfect appearance.




It is recommended to perform maintenance service on your watch every two years, including checking movement parameters and functionalities, replacing all gaskets, verifying water resistance, as well as cleaning the case and metal bracelet.

For quartz watches, battery replacement is also included.

Without regular maintenance, several issues can arise with your watch, including: …

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Should your watch begin to gain or lose time significantly, this is typically a sign that its mechanism needs servicing.

The frequency of such servicing depends on the watch’s usage intensity and the environments it encounters.

It is generally recommended to undergo a full service every 4 to 5 years to guarantee the optimal functioning and accuracy of your watch.

Neglecting regular servicing can result in various problems for your watch, such as:




To guarantee the longevity and impeccable functioning of your complication watch, specialized servicing is crucial.

We recommend regular servicing, varying between 3 to 7 years based on your watch’s complexity (GMT, Chronograph, Alarm, Equation of Time, Flyback, Split Time), to ensure accuracy and performance.

These intervals serve as general guidelines. Nonetheless, the frequency of servicing may be affected by daily usage, the conditions under which the watch is worn (such as exposure to water, dust, and impacts), and the watch’s individual performance.



When should you consider restoring your watch?

Restoration is recommended when your watch shows visible signs of wear, movement damage, or simply to rejuvenate a collector’s item.

It’s also advisable if you plan to pass your watch down as an heirloom, ensuring it continues to tell its story with elegance.

At our establishment, every watch is treated with the utmost care, combining traditional techniques with modern technology. We invite you to entrust us with your watch for a complete restoration, allowing you to cherish it for many more years to come.








The waterproof guarantee of a watch is time-limited. Wear and tear can degrade the seals responsible for maintaining water resistance due to aging, repeated crown manipulations, impacts, or the effects of sweat, exposure to cosmetic products, or temperature fluctuations.

We therefore suggest having your watch’s water resistance tested annually to ensure its reliability.

It is crucial to perform this test regularly and to take immediate action in case of any loss of water resistance to preserve the functionality and durability of your watch.


Watch polishing is a crucial maintenance step that restores your timepiece to its original shine while minimizing scratches and wear marks that can accumulate over time.

This process is not only aesthetic but also contributes to preserving the value and integrity of the watch, maintaining its neat and professional appearance.

It is important to entrust this task to specialized professionals, as improper polishing can remove too much material and alter the original shape of the watch.




Our watch customization service allows you to turn your timepiece into a unique work that celebrates your special moments or expresses your individuality.

Offering a variety of options, such as case engraving, dial customization, hand modification, creation of bespoke straps, and addition of precious stones, we make your watch truly one-of-a-kind.

Ideal for commemorating occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, or simply to assert your personal style, our customization service ensures that every detail perfectly reflects your desires and story.

Transform your watch into a lasting symbol of your journey and passions with our customization expertise.

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