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At D.W. Co, we have the technical mastery tinged with virtuosity, as well as the sense of detail pushed to its paroxysm, the ability to infuse an artistic dimension to a timepiece to make it a truly unique work of art. This is how we could summarize the important traits of the Swiss watchmaking tradition. These traits are based on a very old know-how, which has been passed on by passion in our workshops for generations.

Complies with the "Poinçon de Genève" label and COSC certification


Movement service

The D.W&Co company assembles and repairs manufactured movements.
Our specialists trained in the most prestigious manufactures, ensure a repair and an assembly in the quality criteria required by the manufacture.
We have cleaning equipment to ensure an impeccable cleanliness.

révision mouvement sous-traitance Genève

collage uv sous-traitance Genève

UV bonding

Our workshops are equipped with the latest technology in terms of equipment for UV gluing. A specific oven and a Loctite device that allows a diffusion of the glue on the (carrures, case bottoms) as well as a sealing, a perfect gluing according to the highest requirements.

Watch housing

The casing is made in our premises according to your needs that it is for a quartz watch, quartz chrono, automatic chrono, automatic and mechanical.
The casing includes:
the unseating of the movement, the control of the dial, the installation of the dial, the control of the hands, the setting of up to 8 hands, the control of the functions and the final aesthetic control.

L’emboîtage du montre sous-traitance Genève

Excellence because every detail matters

contrôle mouvement sous-traitance Genève

Finishing and Regulation

*Mounting of the hairspring on the ferrule, counting, adjustment, pitonnage, mounting on the cock
*Achoring of the anchor, placing on the movement, adjustment to the anchor pallets. We will look for the best possible amplitude to ensure a good running of your movement.

achvache reglage sous traitance

contrôle mouvement sous traitance geneve

Quality control

For an increased control of the watch components, our workshops are equipped with several Olympus binoculars.
The control with the binocular, ensures a pledge of quality to your timepiece.

étanchéité montre sous-traitance horlogerie


(ranging from 30-200m)
Watertightness test
(ranging from 10-100m)
Rose tests can be performed upon request.

développent montre geneve

Watch development

3D design
Technical plan implementation.
Production follow-up, in partnership with quality suppliers.

personnalisation montre sous-traitance Genève


Customize your watch according to your tastes and desires.
We will accompany you in the development of a unique product.



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