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Why should i service my watch?

Regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining a watch’s precision and reliability over time.

Whether mechanical or quartz, watches may display signs that indicate a need for servicing. Here are some common indicators to watch out for.


When should i service my watch?

Watches, whether mechanical or quartz, can exhibit several signs that indicate a need for servicing. Here are some common indicators to keep an eye on.


Mechanical / Automatic Watches

  • Significant Inaccuracy:

    Noticeable fast or slow timekeeping.

  • Stops or Irregularities:

    The watch stops or skips.

  • Crown Issues:

    Resistance when winding or setting.

  • Unusual Noises:

    Bruits étranges venant de l'intérieur.

  • Waterproofing Issues:

    Condensation or Water Under the Crystal.

Quartz Watches

  • Sudden Stop:

    May indicate a dead battery or an electrical issue.

  • Faulty Digital Display:

    Flickering or Incorrectly Displayed Numbers.

  • Frequent Battery Changes:

    An issue with power consumption within the watch.


The maintenance process, step by step

  • Checking the Movement Parameters and Watch Functions

    This step involves a thorough inspection of the watch's internal mechanism. Watchmakers examine the caliber (the watch movement), gears, springs, and other components to ensure they are functioning correctly. They also adjust the watch's accuracy to keep it within the manufacturer's specified tolerances. Additional features, such as the chronograph, calendar, or moon phase, are also checked and adjusted if necessary.

  • Renewing All Gaskets:

    The gaskets of a watch ensure its waterproofness and protect its delicate movement from water and dust. Over time, these gaskets can degrade or lose their elasticity, compromising the watch's water resistance. Replacing all gaskets (crown, case back, pushers, etc.) is therefore crucial to maintain the watch's water resistance according to its original specifications.

  • Water Resistance Testing:

    After replacing the gaskets, the watch undergoes water resistance tests to ensure it meets water resistance standards. These tests may include pressure testing in a dry environment (air pressure test) and/or immersion in water at various pressures to simulate depth.

  • Cleaning the Case and Metal Bracelet:

    Over time, dirt, sweat, and other elements can accumulate on the watch case and its bracelet, especially for metal bracelets. Professional cleaning removes these accumulations and restores the watch's original shine. The cleaning often includes polishing the metal parts to remove superficial scratches, bringing the watch as close to its new condition as possible.

  • Battery Replacement

    Quartz watches operate with a battery that needs to be replaced periodically. A maintenance service includes this battery replacement to ensure the watch continues to function accurately. It's also an opportunity to check the watch's electrical circuit and ensure there are no damages or corrosion caused by potential battery leakage.

What happens if i neglect servicing my watch?

Without regular maintenance, several issues can arise with your watch, including:

Loss of Accuracy

Lack of lubrication can cause excessive friction between parts, leading to a loss of accuracy in the watch’s movement.

Premature Wear

Without regular cleaning and lubrication, dust particles and other debris can accumulate, accelerating wear on internal components.

Waterproofing Issues

Over time, waterproof seals can degrade, reducing the watch’s water resistance and allowing moisture and dust to penetrate, which can damage the movement.

Oxidation and Corrosion

Moisture inside the case can cause oxidation and corrosion on metal parts, affecting the functionality and aesthetics of the watch.

Battery Failure"

For quartz watches, a battery not replaced can deplete and leak, causing irreversible damage to the movement.

Damage to Dial and Hands

Dust accumulation and moisture can also affect the dial and hands, compromising their appearance and function.


The use of original parts for watch repair and maintenance is paramount, and it’s equally crucial to entrust these tasks to certified watchmakers. These experts not only have access to authentic parts but also provide technical expertise aligned with the manufacturer’s requirements.

By opting for certified watchmakers, not only does your watch receive quality maintenance preserving its functionality, aesthetics, and value, but you also benefit from a two-year warranty on the repairs conducted. This warranty underscores the commitment to quality and confidence in using original parts and the expertise of certified watchmakers, ensuring the reliability and longevity of your watch in the long run.

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